Transform Your ESG Journey with Automatic

Our comprehensive product suite accelerates and sustains your ESG journey all the way. At Automatic, we provide a range of ESG services designed to meet your environmental, social, and governance goals efficiently. Our solutions include detailed ESG assessments, sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement strategies, and compliance tracking. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert guidance, we ensure that your organization not only meets regulatory requirements but also aligns with global sustainability standards. Our tailored approach helps you identify and mitigate risks, uncover opportunities for improvement, and enhance your overall ESG performance, ultimately driving long-term value for your stakeholders and the planet.

Detailed ESG Assessments

Comprehensive evaluations to benchmark your ESG performance and identify areas for improvement.

Sustainability Reporting

Accurate and transparent reporting solutions that meet global standards and enhance your sustainability credibility.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategies

Tailored strategies to effectively communicate and collaborate with your stakeholders, building trust and accountability.

Compliance Tracking

Advanced tools to monitor and ensure adherence to evolving ESG regulations and standards.

Risk Mitigation

Proactive identification and management of ESG-related risks to safeguard your organization’s reputation and operations.


Opportunity Identification

Discover and leverage new opportunities to drive innovation and sustainable growth within your industry.